3se Intelligent Feeding


3se Intelligent Feeding is state-of-the-art technology developed exclusively for aquaculture companies. With numerous centers in operation in southern Chile, this unique software was developed by a multidisciplinary team of aquaculture engineers, marine biologists, computer engineers and academic experts in signal processing and artificial intelligence in research and teaching.

The combination of data engineering together with expertise in marine biology and in-depth knowledge of the industry allows the generation of easy-to-read reports, allowing real-time assistance in the feeding process, reducing costs and improving performance. Along with the 3se license, you will receive professional assistance, ready to start installation, training and technical support. We invite you to learn more about this revolutionary intelligent feeding system.

Intelligence 3SE software includes:

  • License 3SE software for the duration of the contract
  • Installation in field
  • Exclusive video processing server
  • User training
  • Technical Support