Intelligent Feeding is a noninvasive feeding software specially designed for the Salmon Industry. Using the existing video cameras in each cage, the artificial vision and computational evaluation of the behavior of the fish allows in real time to assist the feeding operator, providing a graph related to the appetite of the fish during the feeding process. Seeking to optimize the use of the food, minimizing the over or under-feeding, generating also historical records that allow to learn about the evolution of the fish and analyze significant changes in their behavior.

Observing the fish behavior allows to detect decreases in appetite before they transform into loss of feed and showers of pellets in the cameras.

Possible Use Cases

  • Check compliance with companies feeding policies (amount, rate, times, etc.).
  • Find and justify optimization strategies with reports.
  • Evaluate feeding strategies with full control and instant results.
  • Reduce bureaucracy for operators with automatic reports.
  • Operators can justify deviations from feeding plan.
  • Maintain feeding strategy with different operators.
  • Compare performance for different farms to evaluate strategies and conditions.